River Witham

River Witham
River Witham near Barkston, Lincolnshire

Friday, 4 November 2011

WTT Grayling Weekend

Long time no post!

Sunday 30 October

Travelled to Rowsley, Derbyshire to the R. Wye to join a number of other members of the WTT for a days grayling fishing on the Haddon Estates stretch of the Derbyshire Wye.  Arriving at 8.30 met Kris Kent from the WTT, Jay from Haddon Estates and  Trevor Walker from the Guash club. We we given maps of the fishing and dispersed to try our luck.

It had rained on and off through out my journey that morning, and though warm, it kept  trying to rain as I rigged up a 10' #3 with two heavy nymphs and a furled leader (Dibble).  I had decided to stay where I was and fish up from the estate boundary (Private stretch) towards Bakewell, and after a short walk from the carpark I tried my luck. I had nothing at first, then came to a large pool on a bend with a big back eddy.  I could see fish rising and decide to try a dry fly, but could get a decent cast in with out drag.  Went back to the czech nymphs and managed 2 nice grayling from below a bridge and weir.

Particularly rubbish photos I'm afraid, just like my casting on the day.  I put this down to being tired after a busy weekend and an early start.   I managed to lose my cast of flies, 4 times!! So I have had to spend some evenings at the tying bench if preparation for the upcoming Grayling Society weekend this Saturday at Appleby on the R. Eden.
In the end I managed half a dozen fish including 1 wild rainbow (a peculiarity of thr River Wye here). As the clocks went back I decided to jack it in at about 4.30pm and head home.

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  1. I have been out fishing many times while being pretty tired at the time. I always manage to miss the fish hit, and always lose a lot of flies myself :) I definitely tend to be a little less patient when I'm out fishing tired. Always worth it in the end, just a few more curse words ;) Nice job staying positive and hooking up with some grayling and that special treat Wild Rainbow. Tight Lines.