River Witham

River Witham
River Witham near Barkston, Lincolnshire

Friday, 9 September 2011

Bit late with this

Saturday, 3rd Sept

Went down to an upper beat of the Witham at Ponton in the afternoon, my gosh, first time on the river in about a month, what with holiday, kids hither and thither and what not. Any way weather seemed kind, sun & cloud and fairly gusty wind (could have done without that), but it wouldn't have mattered either way.  Set up with a home tied orange post klink with a ptn under and walked down stream.


 Well you could tell I lacked practice, spent the first hour scaring fish away, that's when I could see them.
Wasn't until much later, on the wider slower stretch above the weir, that I saw any rises, but trying to interest them in my offerings took a long while.
Eventually an obviously less educated brownie of about 10" took the klink and came blinking to hand.  Before I could take its picture it spat the fly, jumped out of the net and was away.  That was that.
 However the wildlife kept me company!

Sunday 4th Sept
For a change after lunch I drove down to Stamford, near Uffington actually, to fish a stretch of the Lower Welland belonging to the Guash Fly Club.  Its a pretty bit of river that looks and can be very fishy, (it is stocked in the early season) before you get to the canal like section towards Tallington.  Another chap arrived more or less at the same time, so I went well down stream, only after pausing to cast to the numerous fish who feed on God knows what below the raging treatment works outfall. That's the second time I seen that but I can't figure what they want.

It seemed a very hard day, in fact apart from at the outfall section I didn't see a fish move at all.  Eventually all I had to show for my efforts was a small 6" chub!  It was a lovely evening though and I wasn't alone in my failings, the other chap blanked, and only reported one little pull.


  1. The Witham looks so very good in these upper reaches. I bet you usually have the whole place to yourself. Do you ever get to fish the Bain? It used to be a lovely river until the trapezoid channels were cut...

    Regular Rod

  2. It's fairly unusual to meet another angler on the river except during the Mayfly! No never up there.