River Witham

River Witham
River Witham near Barkston, Lincolnshire

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

No time for fishing

Sunday 22 April 2012

It had been 3 weeks since I last fished, oh shame. What with colds, hols, work, weather, I hadn't found any time and it felt like it. It was a lovely morning if a little nippy when I went to the river at about 8.30am. But as expected it was very high & coloured & no fish evident at that hour. Although I did spot one optimist heading downstream.
Anyway after a walk upstream, a quick chuck with the Tenkara rod (to no avail), I headed up to our little lake. It was also a little coloured but looked pretty. As there was no evidence of fly or rising fish I anchored near the deep hole and fished deep with various combinations of 3 nymphs/wet flies. I did connect with a small lean stock rainbow on the dangle but that was pretty much it on the fish front.
At one point I was mystified to see a a small moving disturbance in the waters surface some 50yds away in the middle of the lake. On investigation it turned out to a pair of courting frogs/toads (I'm not an expert). After a couple of snaps they were left to it in peace!
After a morning of sunny spells and the odd shower, a large black cloud appeared and I felt it was time to head home for a late lunch and some chores. A lucky decision it seemed, as I beached the punt the heavens opened and sent down a vicious hail storm! I was soaked and hurtin by the time I'd rescued my gear and sheltered in the hut.

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  1. Glad to hear you were able to find some time to get out there and chase some fish. NIce looking bow. Those toads have no shame :) Tight Lines.